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Personal Space


07 Feb 2008  •  Lobey Dosser Statue, Glasgow


When not playing minisculist free-squeals with Ali Robertson, Usurper's Malcy Duff churns out some of Scotland's most OUT comics. In tribute to one of Malcy's biggest influences, Glaswegian cartoonist Bud Neill, the Usurper brothers will be jamming live at the site of Bud's Lobey Dosser statue on Woodlands Road, in a hired skip.

Walking to work, buying groceries, cleaning the toilet, sipping a pint at your local boozer..... it's the mundane little everyday things/ situations in life which shape who we are and which (in)directly influence what we do/create. So what is it that makes Glaswegian noisemakers make their noises? This year we've invited a handful of artists with strong ties to Glasgow to take us to the places in & around the city which they feel influence them & their art as part of the Personal Space section of the festival.

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    Personal Space Intro - Barry Esson

    To get by in the world, to eek out our own ways of coping, of making do, we all engage in creativity , every single day . We take shortcuts, we cook, we get lost, we engage in illegal acts, we take drugs, we double park, we steal, we owe money, we have sex in cars. 


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