13–15 Oct 2006
The Arches, Glasgow

The 2006 INSTAL saw a broad range of artists that included Blood Stereo and Ludo Mich, Ellen Fullman and Sean Meehan, Keiji Haino and Tony Conrad and a specially created performance by Maryanne Amacher.

What we said at the time:

INSTAL is a festival of underground music. It’s full of musicians who are brave enough to want to honestly say something about themselves, the world around them or simply to investigate or lose themselves in the form of music itself, without worrying about what scene they might fit into, about sounding like someone else, about being correct.  We think that this is pretty fearless, bold and admirable; it’s that admiration that makes us put together this festival each year. And don’t worry, it’s not a festival with anything to do with connoisseurship or elitism; it’s got everything to do with self expression. So this year’s is a handcrafted programme which we hope feels honest and open to anybody with an inquisitive mind.  We want it to be an atmosphere where the connection between the artist, their work and the audience is direct and democratic. So come down to The Arches and sample some of the most thrilling, individualistic music you could wish to see, music that’s made simply because it has to be made, because it couldn’t be made any other way – we really think you might have an experience that makes you feel alive, excited and inspired. I guess that’s all you ask of any art.

Instal 06 featured

Blood Stereo + Ludo Mich

Ellen Fullman + Sean Meehan

Nmperign + Jason Lescalleet

Oshiri Penpenz

Lee Patterson

Steve Baczkowski + Ravi Padmanabha


Keiji Haino + Tony Conrad

The Bohman Brothers

Jazkamer (metal music machine line-up

Tetsuya Umeda


Kuwayama + Kijima

Arrington de Dionyso

Eye Contact

Maryanne Amacher

David Dove


And a special Scottish / UK underground stage curated by Giant Tank + Tremors.



Hockyfrilla + Muscletusk

Wounded Knee + NOMA

Kylie Minoise

Nimrod 33 + Shareholder

Red Kites

Birds of Delay + Nackt Insecten

Polly Shang Kuan Band

Ben Reynolds



Instal 06 was reviewed for The Wire by Neil Cooper here and Julian Cowley here; Euan Andrews for PlanB here; Ali Maloney for the Skinny here; Sue Wilson for the Scotsman here; and Stewart Smith, Matt Evans and Gary Thoms here.


Supported by Scottish Arts Council, Scottish Arts Council Lottery Funded, Glasgow City Council, PRS Foundation, Platform, The Wire, Volcanic Tongue

Thanks to Ali Robertson + Drew Wright, David Keenan + Volcanic Tongue, Jojo Hiroshige + Yoko Takano at Alchemy Records, Miho Watanabe, Kazuhiro Okuno, Ben Drew, Darri Donnelly, Andrew Diey, Matt Baxter, Chris Bohn, Tony Herrington and Alan Cummings and all the staff at The Arches.