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15 Oct 2006  •  The Arches, Glasgow

What we said at the time…

A member of the Japanese psychedelic rock group Overhand Party and VAVA KITORA, Sachiko’s first solo album ‘You never atone for…’ released earlier this year is one of the best debuts in ages. It’s a collection of wordless, floating star fields in which her reverb drenched voice careens across a smear of ghosted electronics into a holy storm of late night sighs and celestial atmosphere. A couple of tracks balance this heavenly feel out with some seething and ferocious electronic damage and Patty Waters style vocal mania. It reminds me at least of an eerily emotive, dark liturgical chant, which Sachiko harnesses to give birth to a sort of 21st century electronic medieval music.

She’s joined by Rinji Fukuoka, of Japanese Psych agitators Overhand Party, for this, her first performance in the UK.

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