Photo: Bryony McIntyre



14 Oct 2005  •  The Arches, Glasgow


With no frame of reference for the creation of what constitutes one of the most remarkable bodies of work in music, it’s hard to find a place to start with Jandek’s music, other that on a purely emotional level. For me, the first time I listened I heard a series of jarringly beautiful and often maniacal expression of hallucinatory and very personal visions.  However, in this void of reference there’s nothing to pin that vision to and when the boundary between art and life dissolves and the work (at its best) looses itself from anything personal, those visions come to articulate something deeply strange.


Jandek performed two sets at the festival as part of the same performance. One with Richard Youngs on bass and Alex Neilson on drums and Jandek on guitar and vocals. The other featured Heather Leigh-Murray on pedal steel guitar, Jandek on drums and Loren Connors on guitar.


The audio and video recordings of this performance were released as Glasgow Friday (Corwood 0791) and lists the tracks as 

Walking Blues (13:08)
Goodbye Today (6:45)
This Wasted Life (6:14)
Slave Of The River (6:08)
My Plan (10:48)
If I Could Be With You (6:36)
Out And About (6:13)
These Kokomos (9:24)
Something New (5:41)
Arms Of A Stranger (6:47)