Photo: Alex Woodward

Hal Duncan & LAPS

Every Book is Dead

Mashed up queer fantasy of worker’s revolts, biblical demons and present-day hells, and dubbed out cyborg-electro.

“Every book is dead”  - Kathy Acker, On Delany the Magician1
Ladies as Pimps (LAPS) are Cass Ezeji (Golden Teacher) and Alicia Matthews (SUE ZUKI/ Organs of Love). Combining thick bass and dub beats with industrial Riot Grrl/Glasgow punk, they create live atmospheres which sound both faster and slower than you might expect. Hal Duncan is a Scottish, fantasy and Science Fiction writer. Imagining Sodom as a kind of lost homeland, to be returned to, he writes deeply queer novels which re-animate dead folklores amidst nano-technology and worker’s revolts.


  • 1. From Trouble on Triton (1996). Foreword by Kathy Acker.
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