Photo: Alex Woodward

Emma Hedditch, Frank Roberts, Michael Roberson, Pony Zion, Robert Sember, Terre Thaemlitz, Vjuan Allure & Vogue'ology

We have something to say about... Pt2

A historical narrative of the black and latino/a transgender, bisexual, lesbian, and gay House and Ballroom Scene in relation to its artistic practices.

What we said about it at the time: The House & Ballroom Scene is internationally known for its creation and practice of the dance form Vogue, its influence on fashion and house music, and its practices of gender performativity.  While celebrated and studied by musicians, dancers, visual artists, and sexual and gender theorists, little recognition is given to how these creative endeavours are situated within the community’s multi-generational commitment to collective artistic production and social action.  Ballroom Scene members Michael Roberson Garçon, Pony Zion Garçon and Frank Roberts discuss the scene’s creative practices and their relationship to other black arts movements with composer and DJ Terre Thaemlitz and others.

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