Photo: Alex Woodward

Amanda Monfrooe & Iain Campbell F-W

Only Your Pre Formance Is Cult

A series of reality dramas happening over the course of the weekend.  


Iain is a Glaswegian 'composersuperimposerperformerclown'.  He started out in a maximalist prog band before having his head turned by improvisation, Samuel Beckett, Keiji Haino, John Moran, Morton Feldman and Fluxus.  Maybe he’s come to the valid conclusion that in an improvisation it’s sometimes best not to do anything. He is interested in sound and consumption, and considers ‘audience’ to be a problem.



A series of reality dramas happening over the course of the weekend. 

If consciousness is a performance of approval then can’t we all have a go? Critical awareness and creative skills serve us well in the workplace and look great on our CV. Watch someone build a hyper-me using funding, experiences and masking tape. Then produce your value response and add beliefs to yourself, simple…


Do you ever wonder about the social relations of consumption? About the relationship between free-market ideology and self-expression?  Or about the self as a site for the circulation of ideology? Professionalism and performance? Arts education and 'communication skills’? About performing forced choice as your choice?  Do you watch TOWIE?

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