Untitled Hand Dance

A silent performance focused solely on hand gestures. “Movement is a way for me to think about the social implications embedded in the choreographies of space. When and how and where people are allowed to move. In what ways one can move. Improvisation holds space for movement in constraint. For some of us, more than others, enclosure is a familiar condition. Capitalism’s chase, its algorithmic appetite. These hand dances are notations, sifting compositions with the world’s moments enfolded. Hidden in the hands an alluvial transcription of reach and embrace. The final flickers of the body’s expression, caress and touch. Haptic grasp. Emphatic abandon, ephemeral betrayal. An atmosphere of messages.” -  boychild

boychild is a movement-based performance artist whose work operates through improvisation as a mode of survival and world-building, in the liminal, performative space where becoming meets representation.  Adamant about the visceral experience of live visual performance, boychild makes a case for how the movement of form can communicate what remains impenetrable through images and language.


boychild has participated in several Episodes including Episode 5: Hidden in Plain Sight, Episode 8: Refuse Powers’ Grasp and Episode 9: Other World’s Already Exist.


Image Description: The photograph of boychild is in black and white and in profile. Most of the image is black and you can only see boychild’s face and hands which are highlighted brightly and in contrast to the dark background, it’s almost like the hands and face are floating.  Her hands reach upwards, palms facing towards the sky; we can see the cuffs of a shirt that sit loose at the wrists. Their face is titled right back facing upwards towards the sky, eyes closed, lips slightly parted.

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