Taku Unami
19:30 at Tramway 4
Tickets: Free, but reserve at Tramway Box Office


PortraitTaku Unami: one of the most hardcore conceptual improvisers in the world, and (amongst many other things, but worth a mention for this performance) death/ black/ sludge metal fan1.


May include: cardboard boxes, metal guitar, critical homage, attempts to describe things you can't describe, film. A one-man Grand Guignol school play.


What is a truly experimental performance? Maybe one that gives us no clue as to what a proper response to it might be, or to what it might mean? Invigorating, perplexing, absurd, refined, none of these: maximal anti-understandability… A note from Taku:

The Unnamable2

Where does the meaning of objects come from?

A chair exists to be sat on? A cardboard box exists to contain something? A beer bottle exists to have beer inside? A guitar is to be played?

Music is to be listened to? An audience is to listen?

What is the meaning of the relationships between objects?

Or even, Do these questions exist to be answered?

And if an answer exits, perhaps it's nothing? Or it could be anything?


We'll also be screening Bleu Shut by Robert Nelson (USA, 1970, 16mm, 30mins) at this event.

“Even when we know the game is an illusion, the experience of Bleu Shut is entirely a pleasure: the 'game' is fun, the Nelson/Wiley debates, infectiously funny; and Nelson's choice of imagery, quirky and amusing. Bleu Shut reveals, and allows us to enjoy, our gullibility within the pervasive absurdity of modern life.” (Scott MacDonald)

A kind of audience activating, structured film riddle in the manipulation of time, sound and image. The film is a pretty funny yet serious meditation on cinematic time and is a direct challenge to the film viewer to participate in the what they are seeing. Bleu Shut's guessing game manages to allow different clips of film to remain just what they are (postcards, adverts etc) while giving the task of synthesizing them into a whole 'film' over to you the viewer, while still playing with your sense of time with both an aleatory aesthetic and a sense of humour. It's a hard one to pin down without giving the game away, but we personally assure you that it's a lot funnier than how we've just described it.

1The only musician I know to have collaborated with members of Hijokaidan (Japanese Noise overlords) and Radu Malfatti (super minimalist, near silent improvisation overlord) (!?)

2The idea of "The Unnameble" is taken from H.P.Lovecraft's short novel. HPL being an author who tries to describe things which cannot be described, unperceivable by human being, but existing.