Eric La Casa, Jean-Luc Guionnet
19:30 at Tramway 4
Tickets: Free, but reserve at Tramway Box Office


PortraitEric La Casa: one of Europe's leading field recording artist who's incredible releases include recordings spanning the unlikely range of the minute/ mundane/ terrifying sound of up-close Parisian lifts, to arsey Dundonian car park attendants.

PortraitJean-Luc Guionnet: we are more and more convinced that Jean-Luc is a key thinker/ doer in European experimental music: studied with Xenakis; plays ferocious, overwhelming organ (see INSTAL 09), spartan to skronking sax, electronics; has read (and understands more clearly) all our favourite theorists.

Assorted Glaswegians (possibly you?) and their homes.


Un-edited, one-shot subjective sonic portraits of four houses, their inhabitants and their relationship through sound, from two of the most deep-thinking field-recording artists in Europe.


A blurry network of cause and effect between residents and musicians, blurring any idea of who the author of the recordings is. An investigation of how sound interacts with, represents and is part of space, time and everyday life.

A series of questions, (which may or may not include): Which is the room you spend most time in? Why? What sounds do you like there? Why? What sounds don't you like there? Why? Do you want a cup of tea? What music do you listen to in this room? Why? Can we use your music to listen to your house? Can we record all of this? Should we get something to eat?


We're keen to speak to people who fancy collaborating with us on this project: i.e. working to create a subjective instant portrait of their house together with Jean-Luc and Eric. Email us ( if you fancy taking part.
We now have all the participants that we need for the House project.

Maison V, Clérieux (Interview: Marc Boyer) [11:06]