Two people holding red umbrellas and banners: Stop deporting Migrant Sex Workers

Sex, Work, Justice with BSL & STTR

15:30–16:30 Sun 19 Nov
 / Glasgow

BSL & STTR Captioning

We’re constantly learning from SWARM (Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement) about the entangled nature of sex, gender, desire struggle, labour, poverty, bodies, safety, exposure, public space, survival, resistance and pre-figuring the world you want to live in.

For this chat, activists from SWARM will discuss the struggle for sex workers’ rights and how it can be understood in the continuum of care work and other forms of invisibilised and precarious work. What narratives on sex work currently shape theoretical and political debates in the feminist and ‘left’ movements? How do those debates impact laws, policies and the daily lives of sex workers, and how sex workers themselves are reclaiming their own narratives and redefining themselves away from sexual objects into political subjects?