A silhouette of Delany in front of screen where a room is lit with green light

Public Sex with STTR

Samuel R. Delany & Huw Lemmey
19:30–20:30 Sun 19 Nov
 / Glasgow

STTR Captioning & Content Note

Do you think a city can control the way the people live inside it? I mean, just the geography, the way the streets are laid out, the way the buildings are placed?

– Samuel R. Delany, Dhalgren

Could cruising and random public sex be the basis of an ethically organised society? If our erotic contacts shape the spaces around us, is Google Street View a kind of pornography? What did porn theatres or Grindr do to the city? Can we feel both exposed and safe sexually, in public? Can writing about sex have a wider political function? Can we refuse to feel guilty about our desires and sexual habits, no matter how ‘abject’? Does a sexuality of waste—of shit, piss, snot, cum—reveal a way to combat the relentless commodification that tries to colonise every corner of our lives? A discussion with Samuel R. Delany and Huw Lemmey, chronicler of cities and class-conscious queer cruising fantasies and critique.

Huw Lemmy will also be conducting two workshops, Anal Panopticon, at the Episode on Thurs 16.

Content Note: Explicit sexual content