A large group of people at table mill and dance in a room lit with party lights
Party & Fundraiser

Party & Unity Fundraiser

Nena Etza, Dj@Christelle, DJ D-Harsh & Moor Mother
20:00 Fri 17–00:00 Sat 18 Nov
Kinning Park Complex
 / Glasgow

DJ SETS – Dj@Christelle, DJ D-Harsh, Nena Etza & Moor Mother 

An evening social and dance party with all proceeds going to the Unity Centre, featuring local and international DJs and activists, who between them are embedded in the practice of music as a liberation technology.

“The Unity Centre gives practical support and solidarity to all asylum seekers and other migrants in Scotland. We also support anyone detained in any UK Detention Centres. The Centre is run by the Unity Centre Collective. We are No Borders. We believe everyone should have freedom of movement. Our office is based in Glasgow, less than 100 meters from the Home Office.” They are a constant source of inspiration for us at Arika.

Nena Etza is a Scotland based Latinx nonbinary fierce femme who loves playing Latinx tunes from QTWOC artists. They are involved with the Unity Centre and We Will Rise in the fight against the racist immigration system in the UK.

Dj@Christelle is from Cameroon and has a very big passion for music and fell in love with music, dance and sport at a very early age. They play African, RnB, hip-hop, reggae amongst other musics and are open to requests. 

DJ D-Harsh doesn’t do bios.

We imagine in a Moor Mother DJ set you might be reminded that in a very real sense, Grace Jones, DJ Marfox, MikeQ and Alice Coltrane all exist at the same time. 

How to Attend

This event is a Fundraiser for The Unity Centre, so if you can afford to, please make a generous donation to support their essential work. 

A suggestion might be between £5-£10. However, you are welcome to attend for free if that makes most sense for you. The event is free to attend for folks in the asylum process or in the struggle for papers.