Samuel Delany looks down at camera as the brooklyn bridge looms behind him
Reading & Discussion

The Motion of Light with BSL & STTR

Samuel R. Delany
19:00–20:30 Thu 16 Nov
 / Glasgow

BSL, STTR & Content Note

Chip will read and talk about memoirs and memory.

Memoirs, memory, reflection and refraction suffuse Delany’s writing. His recollection of the “heart-thudding astonishment, very close to fear” of seeing an undulating mass of more than a hundred copulating male bodies in St. Marks bath house. His personal experience of the early years of the AIDS crisis, erupting into the fantasy narrative of the ancient civilisation of Nevèrÿon. Standing by the docks, thinking about shadow and light on water as a metaphor for race in America, while he tiredly fails to get blown. Such intimate autobiographical revelations allow him to reflect on the deepest aspects of personal and social life.

Content Note: Possible Explicit Content