White text on a yellow and pink film still reads "Lonely and Hungry"
Reading & Screening

Lonely and Hungry

Jackie Wang
21:20–21:45 Sun 19 Nov
 / Glasgow

Short Event & Film with integrated English text/titles which has a Content Note.

A film-poem of cut-up found porn, heat-mapped bodies and Korean psyche-folk about a woman, creepy police intrusion, a dildo and self-defence. Jackie made this film with Veronika Nguyen whilst living in Glasgow and was commissioned by Digital Desperados.

Jackie Wang writes political theory and poetry, and makes performance art, music and films. Her essay Against Innocence was the most militant thing in the already very militant LIES Journal of queer, feminist, materialist, communist, autonomous, and otherwise antagonistic writing. Her first book Carceral Capitalism was published this year by Semiotext(e). 

Content Note: Explicit sexual content 

Access Note: The film Lonely and Hungry has no spoken words but has integrated English text/titles. This is a Short Event that will last less than one hour.