A pixelated image that appears to be two people engaged in fellatio

Discourse or Intercourse: Group Action with BSL & STTR

Robert Softley Gale & Maxine Meighan
14:00–15:00 Sun 19 Nov
 / Glasgow

BSL, STTR Captioning and Content Note

How do people living with disability see themselves in today’s sexualised culture? How do we imagine our crip sexual selves despite society wanting to reduce us to non-erotic bodies?

Robert is an actor, artist, activist, theatre maker and thinker. His recent performances use disabled porn and crip theory to confront normative ideas of sexuality and disability, and pushed at the contradictions of wanting to present an engaging face of crip erotics, but also feeling excluded from and critical of societies’ sexualised culture.

Maxine is deeply involved in thinking about gender, sexuality and disability and in deconstructing our ideas of ability in relation to sex in order to explore why some are excluded from sexual citizenship.

Content Note: Possible Explicit Content 

Robert will also be doing ten individual one to one Conversations on Sat 18.