A reader in a spotlight is dwarfed by a screen with scenes from RoboCop

The Cybernetic Cop

Jackie Wang
17:45–18:00 Sun 19 Nov
 / Glasgow

Handout Available & Short Event

A prison abolitionist punk video-poetry-music mash up about the kind of fucked-up dystopian society (i.e. our society) that makes promotional toys for the movie Robocop that actually shout at kids and label them as ‘criminals’.

Jackie Wang is a student of the dream state, black studies scholar, prison abolitionist, poet, performer, library rat, trauma monster and PhD student at Harvard university. 

Jackie will also be taking part in the Future Justice in the Present event on Sat 18.

Access Note: This is a Short Event with a run time of less than one hour. Handouts of the text that Jackie will read will be available for those who would like to follow along with the aid of a written text.