Storyboard P bend as he dances in a sequin top and gold leggings
Still from Black Magic by Cinque Northern
Dance Performance

The Body is a Sanctuary That Floats

Storyboard P
21:00–21:30 Thu 16 Nov
 / Glasgow

Event with Strong Visual Component

In our opinion, Storyboard P is one of the greatest dancers on the planet. Michael Jackson evolved dance beyond a classical physics that understood bodies moving in beautiful trajectories, to a kind of Einsteinian moonwalk that folds space and time. But Storyboard P practices a unified lived theory of Afrofuturist dance physics in which relativity and quantum mechanics are finally married—a universe of entanglement, non-locality and a revolutionary understanding of gravity, in which bodies have to be sanctuaries that float—able to teleport, disappear, appear. 

On Sat 18 Storyboard will perform and chat in the Speech Captions Body Language event.

Storyboard P will also be taking part in workshop hosted by Project X for the folks on their associate dance programme.