Reina smiles as they hold a placard: "This is our life, this is our time"
Reina Gossett

From Subjection to Subjection

Tourmaline, Saidiya Hartman & Charlene Sinclair
14:00–16:00 Sun 28 Sep
 / Glasgow

Access with Festival Pass or Sunday Day Pass

A conversation about the movement for prison abolition and refusing the logic of race and sex that underpins the criminalisation and mass incarceration of communities.

With upwards of 7 million people (25% of the global prison population) currently under the control of its criminal justice system, the USA incarcerates more of its population than any other country in the world.  At the same time, 11 million US immigrants are out of compliance with immigration law, at constant risk of harassment, detention and deportation.  How are categories of race, sex, sexuality, gender and class mobilised to criminalise communities and create and maintain such carceral spaces? How does this compare to the situation here? And how are people organising in realisation that it is not enough to work to reform the system, but that the system itself is the problem?

Reina Gossett is Activist-In-Residence at Barnard College‚Äôs Center for Research on Women, and Membership Director at the Sylvia Rivera Law Project.  Saidiya Hartman is a professor at Columbia University, and a leading cultural critic and writer on blackness and slavery. Charlene Sinclair is the Director of Centre for Race, Religion and Economic Democracy at Union Theological Seminary and co-organiser of the Cell Blocks and Border Stops conference.

Reina and Charlene will be taking part in the Realness discussion on Sun 28. Saidiya will open the Episode with her Waywardness reading and be in discussion with Fred Moten in the Fugitivity and Waywardness event on Sat 27.