Alexi Kukuljevic in a Panama hat smoking a massive cigar
Alexi Kukuljevic

The View From Nowhere Part 2

Ray Brassier, Alexi Kukuljevic & Mark Fisher
16:15–18:00 Sat 25 Feb
 / Glasgow

Access by Festival Pass or Day Pass


Alexi Kukuljevic is a writer and theorist. This event being concerned with the malleability of identity, we mention in passing that Alexi pseudonymously exists as the artist Ludwig Fischer. 1He’s involved with Machete Group in Philadelphia.

Mark Fisher is the author of Capitalist Realism: Is there no alternative? His writing has appeared in New Statesman, Frieze, The Wire, Sight and Sound and FACT.  He was a founder member of the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit.2 He writes a very well kent blog.

Ray Brassier is a philosopher.  The most basic task of philosophy is to impede stupidity.  He has collaborated with Mattin, Jean-Luc Guionnet and Seijiro Murayama, and took part in our events INSTAL 10 and UNINSTAL.


Alexi, Mark and Ray will each briefly propose some ideas, then have a conversation, to which we hope you will join in; and which might broadly address itself to how neoliberal capitalism has locked down social experience.


We’ve privatised stress, pseudo-markets are apparently the only way to care for the sick or educate the young, we’re all self-surveilling bureaucrats who need to inject ‘creativity’ into our work …is there no alternative to the language of business? Are our seemingly subjective desires, our identities, pre-packaged by dominating social structures? And if they are, what capacity do we really have to act in the world?



  • 1. We have it on good authority that ‘Ludwig Fischer’ was the bastard son of G. W. F. Hegel (!).
  • 2. An accelerated vortex of drum & bass, theory, numerical mysticism and fiction, and maybe “…the academic equivalent of Kurtz: the general in Apocalypse Now who used unorthodox methods to achieve superior results compared with the tradition-bound US military. Blurring the borders between traditional scholarship, cyberpunk sci-fi and music journalism” – amongst others, it variously involved: Sadie Plant, Nick Land, Matthew Fuller, Kode 9, Kodwo Eshun, and as mentioned, Mark Fisher.