Ray Brassier walks along a sunny street in Beirut, he is in profile
Ray Brassier

The View From Nowhere Part 1

Ray Brassier & Thomas Metzinger
14:30–15:45 Sat 25 Feb
 / Glasgow

Access by Festival or Day Pass


We find Ray Brassier to be an extremely persuasive thinker. He’s the author of Nihil Unbound: Enlightenment and Extinctionfrom which please here find one of the most popular quotes, by way of an e.g.1

The author of Being No-One , Thomas Metzinger is one of the leading philosophers of the mind and consciousness.  He was a co-founder of the Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness, and has been the president of the German Cognitive Science Society.


Ray and Thomas (by video) will be talking about how cognitive neuroscience is unlocking the physical basis of personal experience.


What if what we consider as our self is just a process: an evolutionarily solution whose efficiency causes us to think we experience reality, naively mistaking experiences as ours?  What if where we think there’s a ‘self’, really there is no one? Could this ‘no one’ could be constructed elsewhere, or manipulated? Can we trust what we feel, or what we think?

  • 1. “Philosophy would do well to desist from issuing any further injunctions about the need to re-establish the meaningfulness of existence, the purposefulness of life, or mend the shattered concord between man and nature. It should strive to be more than a sop to the pathetic twinge of human self-esteem. Nihilism is not an existential quandary but a speculative opportunity.”