Overlayed image of blown-up newspaper text and a green table with wooden chairs
Still from In The Anticipation of a Future Need to Know, Ash Moniz, 2017
Study Session

Logistics and Logisticality

Stefano Harney
16:30–18:00 Fri 22 Nov
 / Glasgow
Study Session
Tramway Studio
Captioned - STTR
There’s a reason capitalist society, obsessed with ownership, quantity and location, is so terrified of smugglers and their radical unlocatability, their sharing on the move. On the lam, in flight, we’re all smuggling something.
“Modern logistics originates in the Atlantic slave trade, but the first horrible vessel of logistics is not the slave ship but the individual as 'he' emerges 'emploted' in Europe at the rosy dawn of capitalism. The ability to posit oneself in the universal position on the map, the abstract position that is at once everywhere and nowhere in time and space gets put into motion by logistics, with, as Denise Ferreira da Silva puts it, “the lethal deployment of the individual.” Yet from the outside of logistics it is loss not placement that motivates this ultimate capitalist science, and that loss is the justifiable fear that logistics cannot capture sharing on the move, or what Fred Moten and I have called our logisticality.” - Stefano Harney
Stefano Harney thinks and teaches about the social idea of study, infrastructure, cultures of finance, leisure, public administration, the university, autonomism, logistics and blackness. His book with Fred Moten, The Undercommons: Fugitive Planning & Black Study rejects our desire to end our troubles, and instead focuses ‘beyond the beyond’, where we might end the world that created those troubles in the first place. 
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Each Study Session has a capacity of 70 people. Spaces are on a first come, first served basis on the day. The Study Sessions are Pay What You Can. If you would like to reserve a space for any particular reason or need, then please get in touch with us on info@arika.org.uk or 0131 556 0878.
Study Sessions are informal, slightly more intimate spaces and a chance to geek out. Some might be presentations, some might be workshops; each will open out the ideas and themes in the Episode, led by people who’ve been considering them for ages. This one is about the interconnectedness of not being locatable and resisting capital.

Image Description: An image from an artist’s video. Maybe 20 lines of text fills the image, we can’t see whole sentences, but can make out phrases about shipping and shell companies. Behind the text, we see a green table with three wooden folding chairs with red seat pads around it.