Ray Brassier and Mattin - Unfree Improvisation/ Compulsive Freedom - CD Release

Posted on 6 Mar 2015

The Confront label have recently released a CD of Ray Brassier and Mattin's Unfree Improvisation/ Compulsive Freedom performance from Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle in 2013. Arika were in conversation with Ray and Mattin in the run-up to Episode 4 and questioning with them about if autonomy could be the logical, rational freedom from false choices or should freedom be doing what you ought, not doing what you want? We wanted to see how a philosopher and an artist might turn this thinking into an enabling condition in the context of noise and improvisation. 

The recording was reviewed by Brian Olenwick in a very experiential way: "A device is turned on, an engine of some kind perhaps, though it escalates into a very loud alarm-like whine. I've just located a series of photos taken at the event, some of which show a large fan, wondering if that's what I'm hearing. If the woman in the photo above is an indication, probably so. (here). Also note that the performance site is "tramway" and am not sure if that's the name of a space or an actual tramway. Something like that initial vocal throb recurs, hanging around for a while this time, maybe a minute. [out on the porch for a minute to inspect some cool looking clouds, disc sounds continued. Questioning the recording of this, as opposed to the direct experience, but that's an old one...] Wait. an electronic Donald Duck voice is reading, I'm guessing from Brassier. [took a couple of photos of aforementioned clouds]. The voice is intelligible but distorted, the content thus abstracted enough to be more easily heard as noise. It ends abruptly, the engine turns back on."

The performance ended as the audience filtered out of the space to Winds of Change by The Scorpions. Although this is missing from the recording, you can perhaps insert this morsel into your own listening experience.