Local Organising

Posted on 14 Jun 2018

Our work with local groups is a manifestation of Arika’s desire to be part of radical social change. We have ongoing partnerships with grass roots organisers in Scotland and abroad. These collaborators are active in the struggle against violent racist borders, poverty and the criminalisation of sex work. We share resources with these groups to produce workshops, community gala days, fundraising club nights etc. Each activity is suggested and decided upon by the community then managed by them with Arika’s support. Events created are part of the process of challenging the dehumanisation of migrants, sex workers and those of us in poverty.

These relationships of solidarity and friendship are connected, in part, by a shared desire to end the systems of brutality and hierarchy that currently shape so much of our world. Events we organise, such as the Episodes, are directly nourished and informed by the multiple insights generated by these activities. 

Recent local organising events have included a three-part series of workshops called Politics of Experience. These focused on contemporary understandings of trauma and how this interrelates with being active in organising against oppression. They explored psycho-emotional health and ways to support it both individually and collectively.

Other past events have involved: migrant herbal medicine workshops; support for living rent campaigns; migrant public funds training; LGBT migrant arts projects; Sex Workers festivals of resistance in both Glasgow and New York—featuring film screenings, performances, club night, academic symposium, public discussions, and community workshops on decriminalisation, advocacy and health); digital security workshops; spa days for migrant woman’s groups; sex worker, anti-poverty and migrant led socials, parties, collective meals and community days; and an Arabic – English language exchange. 

An upcoming event that we are collaborating on is How to Ally with Sex Workers on Decriminalisation of Sex Work at Kinning Park Complex on Sunday 26th May 2019. We are working with Scot-PEP, SWARM (Sex Workers Advocacy and Resistance Movement) and Decrim Now to bring this event together.