Local Organising

Posted on 14 Jun 2018

Local Organizing is a practical manifestation of Arika‚Äôs desire to be part of creating radical social change. It takes the form of ongoing committed partnerships with grassroots community groups where we share responsibility and resources to make events such as workshops, community gala days, fundraising club nights etc. happen. We work closely with several community groups in Scotland, as well as community organisers in NYC, who are variously active in the struggles against the violence of racist borders, poverty and criminalisation of sex work. 

These relationships of solidarity and friendship are connected, in part, by a shared desire to end the systems of brutality and hierarchy that currently shape so much of our world. Events we organise, such as the Episodes, are directly nourished and informed by the multiple insights generated by them. In turn, we hope that the exploration, discussion and celebration found within the concentrated time of the Episodes plays a part in shaping and sustaining liberation struggles. 

Recent local organising events have included a three-part series of workshops called Politics of Experience. These focused on passing on information about and creating space to discuss contemporary understandings of trauma and how this interrelates to being active in organising against oppression. They explored psycho-emotional health and ways to support it both individually and collectively.

Another example is an art project we ran in partnership with LGBT Unity Scotland, a self-managed support group for LGBT refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants. A workshop facilitator and designer worked with the group to synthesis their drawings into T-shirt and banner designs. The group was then able to have a strong visual presence and take a stand against detention as they marched as a block at Pride Glasgow.