INSTAL 10 Round Up

Posted on 8 Aug 2011
A video screen grab of a man addressing an audience about improvised music

Online reviews of the INSTAL 10 festival came from The Wire's Richard Pinnell, who expanded comprehensively on his experiences at the festival on FridaySaturday and Sunday on his Watchful Ear blog - "I enjoyed last night a great deal, and as the first night of a truly experimental festival, rather than just a festival of experimental music, this was a genuinely daring, different thing to do." He also commented "I have to say that Instal10 has felt very different, not your average music festival in any way at all, a catalyst for thinking."

The folks from the Glasgow based Psychik Dancehall journal braved the experience of the

Evacuation of the Great Learning workshops at INSTAL 10. Their report is included in the second edition which you can peruse here

A video of Diego‚Äôs 'Why Improvised Music is So Boring' performance at INSTAL 10 which he performed with Jean-Luc Guionnet and Seijiro Murayama is available to see on the Selected Works section of his website; he also gives some context behind the piece. The video sparked quite a discussion on the I Hate Music forum.

The folks from The Skinny were also in attendance; Sam Wiseman turned up with his pen, paper and an open mind. His 4 out of 5 review stated that with "such intelligently-themed scheduling, and the diversity of approaches it allows, ensures that five years in, Instal continues to be both relevant and stimulating." The festival was also reviewed by Glasgow Guardian's Sara Winchester who by the end of the weekend had forgotten all about Cher Lloyd.

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