Images from New York: Whitney Biennial

Posted on 7 May 2012
Text promoting Arika's A Survey is a Process of Listening event

The last five days have seen over a dozen performances, installations and discussions take place as part of Arika's 'A survey is a process of listening'; a programme we were invited to put together for the 2012 Whitney Biennial.

Understandably, our regular local audience could not participate - although we've been excited and motivated by the level of response to our work from Whitney attendees - but we've amassed several albums of images, from each day's efforts, for your perusal. 
Ultra-red began their investigation into 'What is the Sound of Freedom?', Christopher DeLaurenti, Craig Dworkin and Vanessa Place all performed, and Brandon La Belle's installation received its first visitors. 
Click here to see the full album. 
Members of NY's House/Ballroom scene came in 

to work with Ultra-red, Christoph Migone's Hit Parade scattered participants across the Whitney's floor, and The Indivisible or Inadmissible Committee revealed themselves. 

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Brandon La Belle's installation grew, Andrea Geyer's 'Comrades of Time' performance drew large crowds, and Yasunao Tone looked dapper in a fedora. 
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Fred Moten continued the Ultra-red journey, Sean Meehan performed, Eugene Thacker spoke, and Brandon La Belle encouraged. 
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Pictures from the fifth and final day are on their way... 


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All photos by Bryony McIntyre