Greatest Hits by Christof Migone

Posted on 15 Sep 2017

Check out this compilation release, Greatest Hits, by Canadian sound, performance artist and sculptor Christof Migone of several of the Hit Parade performances including one from the 2010 Kill Your Timid Notion festival we did in Dundee at Dundee Contemporary Arts and from our A survey is a process of listening programme at the 2012 Whitney Museum of American Art Biennial. 

The performances follow this simple score..."Participants lie face down on the street where they occupy a sidewalk and proceed to pound the pavement with the microphone one thousand times. The sound of each person’s actions is amplified. Each person has their own amplifier. Each performer chooses their own rhythm and intensity."

Released by Blume editions, release in the LP form doesn't just come with the recordings but also with a transparent plexiglass 12" grooveless record hit 1000 times...