Episode 7 Starts Today!

Posted on 15 Apr 2015
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Episode 7 starts today! We’re incredibly excited about the coming days and looking forward to spending time with everyone who is with us in this thing, with everyone who is elsewhere and all of you that are always here and with anyone who wants to be part of it in any way.

We also wanted to remind you that most of the events are BSL interpreted and will have live subtitling. And that there are still tickets available for each day (from £4 to £6). You can get them online, over the phone on 0845 330 3501 or in person at the Tramway.

We've had quite a few folks asking whether they can attend with their children and have worked out a plan with Tramway. People can attend with Babes in Arms - children under 24 months, although they will require a ticket. The Babes in Arms ticket is £1 and can be purchased from Tramway either over the phone on 0845 330 3501or in person. These tickets are not available online.

We are hope that the spaces we create together to be a place where people can make noise if they need to, whilst also keeping in mind each others desires and capacity for attention. We plan on discussing this each day as we introduce the programme.  Hopefully this means that people with young children can attend the events, and that together we can create a welcoming space.

Because some of the content of the events are improvised and unpredictable and/ or might involve swearing, Tramway would still like to make the events carry an age recommendation, which means that children over 24 months and under 16 years would not be able to attend.

Hopefully we can established a space together that means that people which ‘babes in arms’ would feel comfortable attending any events, and also comfortable in making a decision for themselves about the space and how it feels for everybody there.

If you are particularly concerned or worried about other people expectations in relation to noise and attention required, then two events that could have the greatest the amounts of silence are the Hortense J. Spillers & Denise da Silva conversation and the Peter Pal Pelbart conversation, both on Sunday 19 April.

And also we want to ask you - if there is anything we can do to make it easier for you to attend any of these events, please get in touch.

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