Collected Spaces (First Listen) LP - Available Now

Posted on 6 Mar 2015

Between August 2010 and August 2011 Arika undertook a collaboration with Ultra-red, Art Angel and Tin Roof in Dundee; a multi-part investigation into the themes important to them and their communities. Art Angel is a unique project run by and for people with experience of mental health difficulties providing a spectrum of high quality creative opportunities helping people to work towards recovery and mental well being. 

Tin Roof is arts collective housed in a big old warehouse in the Blackness Industrial District, providing affordable studio spaces and a vibrant community of like-minded creative people for the emerging artistic community. The investigation involved sound walks, listening sessions and plans for collective organising around the issues that were thrown up by the process, which included a desire to collate and compose with the sound materials that had been made during their time spent together. The self-published Collected Spaces (First Listen) LP is a trace of the process and includes tracks from Art Angel, Tin Roof and Ultra-red.

The  project was part of an ongoing collaboration with Ultra-red that commenced with their participation at the Instal 09 festival and has led to further investigations in Glasgow and New York.