Arika Archive Now Live

Posted on 29 Sep 2017
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We've recently launched our online Archive that hosts videos, audio files, photos and texts of nearly everything we’ve done since 2011, and eventually will have documentation of hundreds of events going back to 2003.

Revisit performances you loved, experience the ones you missed.

Includes Sonia Sanchez’s favourite joke, Mujeres Creando throwing eggs,

Miss Prissy in the club, Ray Brassier chatting to Thomas Metzinger, a poetry reading by Fred Moten, the last ever performance by TESTHortense Spillers chatting about flesh and empathy and Keiji Haino’s first basso solo vocal set.

Check it out here:

Our new work grows out of the old so the archive is a good introduction to what Arika does and helps us reflect on how we learn, change over time and how we might engage in the problems we’re embedded in, locally and internationally. 

We hope it proves useful and interesting to you too. If you have questions, or thoughts, drop us a line at

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