Archive Update

Posted on 7 Dec 2011
A flip chart covered in post its with planning notes on them

Since 2003 we have recorded and photographed (nearly) every live performance that we've put on - a total of 423 performances over 17 festivals and events. We've made video documents of quite a few of those too. Until quite recently a lot them were sat in a couple of cardboard boxes in the corner of the Arika office, with the rest being scattered over the contents of several hard drives that we've acquired over the years. Part of the plan of creating this new website was to enable these recordings to come out of their boxes and have another life after the experience of the actual performance has long faded.

We've been working with Neil Davidson to archive and consolidate, transfer and edit these documents and he's been hard at this for a couple of months. And we're nearly there! Permissions have been sought (and in most instances given). Excel sheets have been meticulously updated. And it looks like eventually, once all the work at our end is done, that we'll have literally hundreds of audio and video documents from Arika events available for you to enjoy, download, critique and pass onto friends.

This process (including creating the website architecture to host all this material) as you might imagine, is taking a little longer than we thought. So...we're launching the website this December 2011 sans archive - you'll just have to wait to see what gems it will hold. In the next couple of months we'll be looking to launch the archive as a pared down Beta version, before going live with the full thing hopefully sometime in February. We'll let everyone know by email once the archive is live (both in its beta and full versions), so make sure you are signed up to our email list to find out when you can start investigating what we've got for you.

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