Announcing Upcoming Events - No Total at Artists Space, New York

Posted on 22 May 2015

For the last few years Arika have been trying to consciously move through friendship and solidarity in the things we do; staying in conversations, deepening entanglements, thinking about sociality – all the things that exist, are produced by, emerge from or shape the spaces between allies.  Studying how the being is the doing.

Next week we’re going to be involved a kind of opening up and sharing of entanglements with No Total, some of our allies in New York - to continue some earlier conversations and begin new ones.

For the last two years, No Total has been meeting, at Artists Space and elsewhere, to read, write, and discuss. Up until now, they have been meeting as a closed group but are now opening up an invitation to have a weekend together. Arika have

been entangled with the No Total group since Episode 4: Freedom is a Constant Struggle (where there was a transatlantic reading group/hook-up/performance project that culminated in a live event at the Episode) – now and again testing out ways of being together at a distance and sometimes in the same place.

Throughout next weekend, we will be taking place. There will be a choreography of people, space, thoughts, movements, and time. Each day will have its own kind of logic in making people and places. Meet and be with us if you can at Artists Space Books & Talks, 55 Walker Street, New York, NY 10013. Please check out the schedule - around which this choreography will hopefully emerge.

No Total is Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Emma Hedditch, Jordan Lord, Elizabeth Orr, Joseph Teeling, and Mariana Valencia. The weekend will involve dancing, eating, looking, listening, moving together with No Total and many of their friends and allies, including: Morgan Bassichis, The Blow, Joseph Teeling, Sandy Stone, Christine Noschese, Arias Abbruzzi Davis, New Body Music, Penis, and fresh from Episode 7 in Glasgow - Constantina Zavitsanos and Amalle Dublon…

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