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Marc Baron

Sat 27 February, 20:45–21:30
DCA Gallery 2
Entry: Day or Festival Pass


Marc, like his friend and collaborator Loïc, is also young, French, an improviser, a composer. And he’s also interested in using the tools developed by hard-ass French philosophical thinking into involving, simple but open-ended performance techniques.¹


What’s an immanence² of listening?


We think Marc is keenly interested in a process of stripping back musical improvisation to some of it’s radical concepts. In this case, what does it mean to try to listen to a situation, knowing that you’ll fail and that something will always escape³.

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Three speakers play back pre-recorded sounds, Marc listens and responds: “What is played is the imperfect witness of what I listen to (or maybe better, how I listen).”

¹ That might sound dry, but we don’t mean it to. We find his ideas and music to be engaging because of its simple clean elegance. The impure deliberate naivete of his work is often surprising and rewarding.

² Immanence: "Existing or remaining within” a world, a totality, a situation, a thing, an object, a process; a sensible, non-mystical materialism. As opposed to Transcendence: “a divine or empirical beyond”, a dodgy nostalgia for God.

³You can’t take in every detail all at once and master what you gaze at as a totality: there is no totality (a universal set of everything can not exist – Bertrand Russell has quite a bit to say on this), just infinite multiplicity.