Abstract diagram representing this performance

Jarrod Fowler¹

Sun 28 February, 20:30–21:15
DCA Gallery 2
Entry: Day or Festival Pass


A percussionist² with a focus on rhythm and an interest in: Hip Hop, Deep Ecology, Fluxus, Uncreative Writing, Anarchism, Chronobiology, Conceptual Art, Permaculture; which is to say a very broad sense of the rhythmical…


How do we think or imagine rhythm as a progressive tool?³


What is the radical concept at the core of ‘rhythm’, expanded from simply musical or mathematical notions to encompass personal, social, collective rhythms; our daily routines, our ways of coming together, our agriculture, our ability to recycle. Is rhythm a useful tool in studying any of this?

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Jarrod has promised to prepare something that will have “an undefined beginning and ending” (which as organisers we find both terrifying* and exciting**). A rhythm based non-performance concerning and engaging the audience, other performers, KYTN, Dundee...

¹ “…might be the La Monte Young of the Ipod generation.”— Kenneth Goldsmith, founder of and the most uncreative writer of them all! (that’s a compliment by the way…)

² Jarrod started out playing drums or making beats, but he’s moved focus to the wider topics of rhythm in art, society, performance….

³Not just musically but in terms of cycles, differences and repetition, beyond and through music and into a larger social context?

* What’s going to happen?

** What’s going to happen!