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Festival Launch

Sun 21 February, 16:00–18:00
DCA Gallery 2
Entry: Free, just turn up

We don’t just want you to come along and watch stuff, but if you can¹, we’d like you to come along and do stuff too. KYTN is a chance to get involved in the making and doing, undertaking and changing of experimental forms of music and film. The more you do, the more we’ll all (you, we and the artists we invite to Dundee) get out of it.

To kick things off and to give you a taster of things to get involved in through the week, we’re having a FREE², informal kind of launch day thing, which will feature some performance type things:

An initial precursor and organic link to his festival performance, but which may, (or may not) involve a selection of edible plants, sourced locally.

Doing a few things that we think should remain a surprise, but which may (or may not) involve a saw, dandruff, a ladder or Christof responding to the prompt: “as far as you can for as long as you can.” Read more...

And a film screening:

Hotel Diaries 1- 8
John Smith, 2001-2007, UK, 82 mins
Sun 21 February, 19:00–21:00, DCA Cinema 2
Free, but limited capacity. First come, first served.

Please come along, see stuff for free, hang out, ask questions and convince yourself to get involved in more things shortly thereafter…

¹  We’re all busy, admittedly…

² Repeat, FREE.