Abstract diagram representing this investigation

Investigation Group: Unstable, Fragile but Daring Together

Group 8 – Wed 24, 10:00–17:00
DCA Meeting Room
Group 13 – Thur 25, 10:00–17:00
VRC Centre Space

Entry: Free, but limited places in each group.
Reserve a space by contacting the DCA box office.

“We are fixed into identities useful to capitalism, but what we actually have in common is our ability to invent ourselves. Can we play without instruments as ‘instruments of sensitive living’? Can we abandon the laboured lies of identities and of careers and begin the real activity of fictionalising/composing ourselves? Our gender, class and sexuality, are social relations in flux, let’s deal with our differences!

Nervous? Insecure? Let’s not look elsewhere, we can dare together through a commitment to instability
Will our performative drive for self-invention crash, break down or run out of gas? And if it burns... how will it burn? If it does burn let’s enjoy the heat while we reconsider our capacity for empowering each other. We will take whatever comes our way.”


Because Unstable, Fragile but Daring Together is developing as a bold, collective space, focused around the performance strategies of some of our most provocative young thinkers. Completely open-ended, it might sound deliberately challenging but it’s also deliberately freeing.

What happens next will be determined by the people who take part (Anthony, Emma, Howard, Mattin, you?), and will inform, shape and build the Unstable, Fragile but Daring Together event that closes KYTN10. Get involved.

Anthony, Emma, Howard and Mattin are also all contributors to the recently published Noise & Capitalism – download it for FREE here: