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Investigation Group: Christof Migone

Group 1 – Mon 22, 10:00 – 17:00
VRC Centre Space
Group 6 – Tue 23 February, 19:00–21:30
VRC Centre Space
Group 7 – Wed 24 February, 10:00–17:00
VRC Centre Space
Group 12 – Thu 25 February, 10:00–17:00
DCA Activity Room

Entry: Free, but limited places in each group.
Reserve a space by contacting the DCA box office.

Christof is going to use some of his existing participatory performances for groups of people as a starting point to explore bodies, space, time and music around Dundee. This may involve:

Knockers - An acoustic chap-door-run, with microphone, battery powered amp and people walking the streets of Dundee…

Interval - Representatives of every age between 10 and 60 are asked to repeat their age at the rhythm they choose for the equivalent of their age in minutes.

Flipper - An audio flipbook of 99 books starting with the letter 'A'.

Pass - A radio transmission without a transmitter. A participatory exercise at communication which incites multiplication through breakdown.


Because Christof’s work is: open, accessible, enjoyable, determined by you, but also conceptual, very informed of avant-garde history, forward looking and progressive. It can be as much a tool as an experience…

Find out more about Christof and his performance proposal.