So maybe art isn't some object or performance or film or whatever that you look at: it's the process that produced it. And so...


From Mon 21 – Fri 26 Feb we'll be hosting a bunch of different 'Investigation Groups' that we'd like you to, well, investigate.


We want you to get involved in the processes used by the artists at KYTN this year, and maybe help develop those processes together. In fact, some of the artists might need your help in delivering their performance at the weekend.


All Investigation Groups are FREE

And, in fact, if you come to a few of them you can maybe get into the festival for FREE too (see our Investigation Card idea)

And all Investigation Groups are OPEN TO ANYBODY – you don't have to be an artist, musician or filmmaker to take part (you can be, but it doesn't matter if you're not). The more diverse the groups are the more we'll all get out of them.

Spaces are limited though, so you'll have to reserve a space.
Call the DCA Box Office on: 44(0)1382 909 900

If you reserve a space and then can't make it¹ we'llgive that space to someone else. Again, call the DCA Box Office.


Investigation Card Time is money, we're often told. If you come along and spend time at our (FREE) Investigations then we'd like to reward that. Spend enough time (not money) with us and we'll give you a free pass to the festival weekend.

Conditions apply, blah blah blah.

The Investigation Groups at KYTN are a joint idea/project by Arika & Sound and Music, DCA, Duncan of Jordanstone and supported by the Youth Music Initiative. The people behind KYTN Investigation Groups Arika Sound and Music Dundee Contemporary Arts Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & DesignYouth Music Initiative

¹ That's OK, stuff happens.