Film Programme

So Is This

Tues 23 February, 19:00–20:00
DCA Cinema 2
Entry: Free, but limited capacity


One of the greatest living filmmakers. An explorer of film’s structural, allegorical and often humorous potentials.


Investigate film as language, via the language of film reduced to the basic units of film and language. A film as text in which each frame is a single word.


“A lot of this is pretty funny but So Is This is more than a series of gags. Snow manages to defamiliarise both film and language, throwing a monkey wrench into a (core) theoretical debate (is film a language?) that has been going on sporadically for 60 years.”—J. Hoberman, The Village Voice

¹  ADDED ENDORSEMENT – So Is This is DCA’s Head of Cinema and fellow Canadian Alice Black’s favourite Michael Snow film!  Alice, we hereby promise, in writing, to get Mr. Snow to KYTN some time soon…