Film Programme

Semiotics of the Kitchen & To Pour Milk into a Glass

Sun 28 February, 15:00–15:15
DCA Cinema 1
Entry: Day or Festival Pass

Semiotics of the Kitchen

Martha Rosler, 1975, USA, 6 mins


Portrait of the filmmakerWidely influential American feminist, collectivist, political video/ photo-text/ installation/ performance artist and writer.


Strip back the domesticated 'meaning' of (everyday, mundane, kitchen) tools to reveal “a lexicon of rage and frustration."


The film takes the most basic of kitchen implements as tools to reveal implicit connivance with traditional gender roles in the most simple of ways, by doing almost nothing to them; "when the woman speaks, she names her own oppression."¹

To Pour Milk into a Glass

David Lamelas, 1972, UK, 8 mins


Portrait of the filmmakerPioneering Argentinian conceptual artist, mostly trying to figure out how meaning is made and information is imparted.


An allegorical use of mundane, everyday things as an examination of how meaning is constructed in film.


“I wanted to find symbols for ‘container’ and ‘contents’ – to represent how the camera frames – and what is shown on screen. …I decided to use a glass and milk. The eight sequences end with… the glass being shattered and the milk splattering all over the table, which implies that there is no way to contain information.”—David Lamelas.

¹  Both quotes: Martha Rosler.