Film Programme

Morgan Fisher Screening and Chat

Sun 28 February, 16:50–18:00
DCA Cinema 1
Entry: Day or Festival Pass


Morgan is a (slightly, but unduly, overlooked) filmmaker of great wit and charm, uniquely situated between mainstream and avant-garde film, who uses the tools of experimental film to dissect the basic presuppositions of commercial cinema.


This quote is so fitting for KYTN 10 that we repeat it here again:

“One thing my films tend to do is examine a property or quality of a film in a radical way. Being radical is a modest form of being extreme. They each examine an axiom of cinema and say, ‘What if?’” —Morgan Fisher


This screening is a chance to see many of Morgan’s works (amongst the most understated and uncategorisable of all experimental films) and to chat through their simple straightforward elegance: not as an end in itself, but as a means of generating new forms of film thought¹.

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¹ That last phrase is pretty much lifted from and mucked about with from an essay by the great film critic Scott MacDonald, who we pay due deference to here.