Film Programme

Film Programme 7: Duplication

Sun 28 February, 16:00–16:35
DCA Cinema 1
Entry: Day or Festival Pass


Technology - Transformation: Wonderwoman
Dana Birnbaum, 1978, USA, 7 mins
Funf Filme
Peter Roehr, 1965, Germany, 8 mins
Dichtung & Wahrheit (Poetry and Truth)
Peter Kubelka, 2003, Austria, 13 mins
David Rimmer, 1970, Canada, 5 mins


Film is ideally suited to examine how repetition breeds difference. Copying without copying.


Nothing if not repetitive, film is founded on the incremental succession of minute difference. But how does repetition of the same play out, and is it a tool to comment on the standardising repetition of the mass media?

“I alter material by organising it unchanged. Each work is an organised area of unchanged elements. Neither successive or additive, there is no result or sum.”—Peter Roehr