Film Programme

Film Programme 4: Substitution

Sun 28 February, 13:20–13:35
DCA Cinema 2
Entry: Day or Festival Pass


Supermarket in C
Malcolm Goldie, 2009, UK, 3 mins
Hovis Ad
George Barber, 1994, UK, 1 min
Six Essential Books
Stephen Sutcliffe, 2008, UK, 1 mins 30 secs
Hip Hop Video
Joseph Ernst, 2007, The Netherlands, 4 mins
I Am
David Blandy, 2003-2004, UK, 2 mins
Music Video
Cheryl Donegan, 2008, USA, 3 mins 15 secs


To change meaning and impact by the simplest of substitutions.


Acting at the minimum. Each film here substitutes one small thing for another, (ironically) transforming received meanings by the simplest of actions; often kind of funny too.