Film Programme

Film Programme 3: Collective Actions

Sat 27 February, 16:00–16:35
DCA Cinema 1
Entry: Day or Festival Pass


The Singing Lesson 2
Artur Zmijewski,2003, Poland, 17 mins, courtesy of the artist, Galerie Peter Kilchmann, Zurich, and Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw
People in Order
Lenka Clayton and James Price, 2006, UK, 3 mins
Freund Hein
Elizabeth Smolarz, 2007, USA, 4 mins 15 secs
50 50
Oliver Laric, 2007, Germany, 2 mins
it's me singing
Gabriele Undine Meyer, 2008, Germany, 1 mins 15 secs


Individual experience separated by physical boundaries (of space, time or ability) suggested as communities of collective experience by (perhaps voyeuristic) artists.


In a hard sense you can’t transcend certain physical boundaries, but maybe a transformation or understanding can occur in the reception of community, an accepting of what's common, of similarity and self-expression.