Film Programme

Film Programme 2: Repetitive Actions

Sat 27 February, 15:00–15:40
DCA Cinema 1
Entry: Day or Festival pass


Skip Arnold, 1983-1992, USA, 30 secs - courtesy of the artist and Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York
Good Night Good Morning
Joan Jonas, 1976, USA, 11 mins 30 secs
Emma Hart, 2009, UK, 4 mins
Body Tape
Valie Export, 1970, Austria, 4 mins
Invocation of Canyons and Boulders (for Stan Brakhage)
Dick Higgins, 1966, USA, 0 mins 20 secs
Skip Arnold, 1983-1992, USA, 1 min 20 secs - Courtesy of the artist and Spencer Brownstone Gallery, New York
Ryszard Wasko, 1972, Poland, 3 mins
Bicycle (from Short Film Series)
Guy Sherwin, 1980, UK, 3 mins
Documentary Footage
Morgan Fisher, 1968, USA, 11 mins


Minimal investigations of the tension between the body, diaristic/ everyday movement and documentation.


These films and videos each set up a minimal procedure to explore the interaction between a person and the (documentary) film/ video process. What initially seems simple ends up contrarily distanced and intimate, public and private.