Film Programme

Film Programme 1: Inventory

Sat 27 February, 13:00–13:35
DCA Cinema 2
Entry: Day or Festival Pass


Heads and Globes, Similarity Matrix
eddie d, 2008, The Netherlands, 1 min 30 secs
Qaeda Quality Question Quickly Quickly Quiet
Lenka Clayton, 2003, Germany, 20 mins
Luft (Air)
Natalia Stürz, 2008, Germany, 1 min
58 Pages
Aline Helmcke, 2008, UK, 6 mins
Chris Saunders, 1993, UK, 3 mins


Apply the tools of data-management to the global news media.


The simple procedures of these films reveal un-simple hidden detail by compiling, concording or compositing global ‘news’ media; a kind of ‘uncreative’¹ art of databasing.

¹  That’s not to say uninteresting! More like a deliberate attempt to make only one choice (take every globe used in a TV news credit sequence) and to then re-present what you find.