Barry Esson talking to the audience

Arika create experimental music, film and art events and festivals. We do more of this than a lot of other organisations, but maybe you've not heard about us because we're Scottish. You should get out more; and visit. Failing that, we'll try and call in on you now and again. That's why we're touring KYTN; because the people who put the most interesting stuff on in your city told us it'd go down real well there. Don't let them down now!

You can find out more about our activities here:

Dundee Contemporary Arts is a world-class centre for the development and exhibition of contemporary art and culture. You can find out more about our activities here:

Niall MacPherson, Stuart Brown and the BFI staff; Emma Quinn and ICA staff; Marie-Anne McQuay, Lucy Byatt, Lori Taylor and the staff at Spike Island; Helen Cole & Al Cameron at Arnolfini; Chiz at Blackout Arts; Mike Sperlinger at the Lux; Mark Webber, Darri Donnelly at Coob, Janice White and Alex Robinson at the Cogency, and James at Cog design; Maija Handover at Sound UK; Ross Dalziel at FACT; Mike Carney at A Foundation; Francis McKee at the Centre for Contemporary Arts Glasgow; Rebecca Shatwell at Tyneside Cinema and Rob Blackson at Baltic. We’d also like to thank the Scottish Arts Council, Scottish Screen and Dundee City Council, who have so regularly supported Arika, KYTN and risk taking, experimental art.

And above all, we’d like to thank Anne Parry at CMN.

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