Jérôme Noetinger & Jean-Philippe Gross, Sun 22 March, 19:40-20:25, The Arches


Two great French musique concrète22 improvisers.


Jean-Philippe creates arcing electric feedback with a mixer, "located speakers", maybe a cymbal. Jérôme uses contact mics, a Walkman, an old Revox tape machine, another mixer, a vintage synth…


Briefly: exhilarating, high-energy, dynamic; spatialised – with speakers surrounding the audience; dizzying and gritty, full of malfunctioning crackle. Also23

22A school of music that thinks of sound as sound in its own right, not as something linked with the object that created it (the quality of the sound, instead of the fact that it's the sound of a bus, for e.g.). It's often dynamic, edited, spatial, laboured over in a studio. The fact that these guys do it all live is quite stunning.

23None of these instruments are instruments, it's all equipment that's been refashioned through some kind of investigation into the medium music is played through; turning mixing desks, walkmans, speakers into instruments themselves. Which we think is really interesting.

Jérôme Noetinger with Metamkine at KYTN 2004 (excerpt) [9:13]

Jean Philippe Gross at Music Lovers Field Companion, 2007 (excerpt) [4:42]