Phil Minton: Century FC, Sun 22 March, 15:40-16:20, The Arches


Singer, improviser, yodeller, composer, trumpeter and national treasure.


A 100 strong Feral Choir of people who've never improvised with their voices before, conducted by Phil18.


It's one of the most democratic musical experiences we've ever seen: people coming together to improvise, who as little as two weeks before would have though the very idea absurd. And it sounds great: delicate and babbling, loud and thrumming; instinctive sounds, free of baggage.

18Fancy getting involved? Check out the Extras page, write down the workshop times, come along, take part. Easy.

Feral Choir, Brest (excerpt) [1:42]

Feral Choir, Vicenza (excerpt) [2:53]

Feral Choir, Melbourne (excerpt) [4:05]