A group on a street in the evening crowd around a group of people banging mics
Christof Migone - Hit Parade (Toronto)

Hit Parade (New York)

Christof Migone
14:30–15:15 Thu 3 May
Whitney Museum of American Art
 / New York

Entry to performance with Biennial Day Pass


Sound as it is endured by space and the body: 15 participants lie face down and pound the floor with a microphone one thousand times, each person choosing their own rhythm and intensity.



Christof is a Canadian thinker, artist, musician and writer. He’s interested in simple, open-ended concepts that we can test out together and that expand on ideas of: language, voice, bodies, performance, space, intimacy, complicity and endurance.


Can we use sound, repetition and difference to personally and collectively engage with space, time and labour? Hit Parade proposes that we can, through a simple activity for people to perform together: 15 people lie face down and proceed to pound the floor with the microphone one thousand times. The sound of each person’s actions is amplified. Each person can choose their own rhythm and intensity.


Christof proposes central questions of how we inhabit public or private spaces, how sound or our bodies (and their repetitive actions, over time) can articulate spaces, about individuals and community, about repetitive labour. He does it in simple, clear ways and he’s interested to see what your answers are. So are we.

Take Part

If you are interested in taking part in the performance, drop us an email: barry@arika.org.uk.

(There will be a brief planning meeting for all the participants on the same day at noon at the Whitney).

Kinds of listening involved

Labour and Endurance - to hear the body, at work.

Spatial - to spend time and embody space, with sound.